Maryland’s Firearms Safety Act of 2013 is protecting you!

Eight ways this historic legislation is working to save lives.

1. Requires all handgun purchasers to first obtain a license from the State Police after 4 hours of
safety training and a fingerprint based background check. $50 fee. Based on evidence from other
states, experts at the Johns Hopkins Center For Gun Policy and Research say this is one of the
most effective tools a state can use to prevent gun violence.

2. Gives State Police strong authority to regulate gun dealers, allowing them to shut down rogue
dealers whose guns result in a disproportionate number of crimes.

3. Requires gun owners to report lost or stolen guns within 72 hours.

4. Prohibits people with Probation Before Judgment for certain violent crimes from possessing

5. Imposes new penalties for use in crimes of cop killer bullets.

6. Prohibits the sale of gun magazines with more than 10 bullets.

7. Prohibits the sale of 45 models of assault weapons (including the AR-15) and copycats.

8. Expands the category of persons prohibited from possessing guns to include anyone
involuntarily committed for any length of time.

The Act went into effect on October 1, 2013.